New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad EF-1

This New Haven Railroad EF-1 is a brass model dating from c.1968 which was purchased in the condition shown in first two pictures above. After a fix/repaint/re-decal, it has come up quite well given the model’s age. Paint was Scalecoat Pullman Green for the body, and a mix of sprayed and acrylic black for the roof and chassis. Decals are an excellent new product by Model Memories, lenses are by MV, and the body has a finishing coat of Dullcoat.

For the layout pictures I set the loco up with the closest Victorian Railways wagons I had, however while the first was a VR version of a US pattern, they don't suit as well as a "proper" US rake would.
I had intended to give the EF-1 an occasional run on my layout "Glenburn" however sadly the layout shots show why I may well have to sell it - The pantographs exert too much pressure on the catenary leading to slippage and wire tangling, and running without pantos up just isn’t much chop. I don't want to mess with the springs or replace the pantographs as that will affect the integrity of the model. It has nonetheless been an enjoyable restoration of what to me is an attractive prototype.