Some Visitors

My "Glenburn" layout has been fortunate to host some different runnings often for modellers who don't have their own layout at this time. I may add in more pictures as these events occur.

"Glenburn" hosted Phil Dunn's exquisite Micro Metakit model of a Bavarian S1 which other than the wheel arrangement and detailing is surprisingly close in many of the main dimensions to the VR's V Class.

Below are some pictures showing NSW rolling stock either built by or owned by Grant Djung:

 Showing Victoria and NSW's different approaches to the same task.

 A few 1970s cars and Grant's Weico Sydney Bus (must find out what sort it is) change Faith Street to somewhere more recent and quite a bit North

Grant's C35 and some nicely loaded and weathered NSW 4 wheelers

I deliberately kept the Down running line through "Glenburn" with a more generous loading gauge through the platform to allow larger rolling stock to run. Here, Grant's AD60 is seen "wrong line" so as to fit on the layout. The below-solebar bracing etc. for some of the Sydney Single Deckers didn't allow them to transit quite so well...