Sydney Tramways - E Class 529/530

The Sydney E Class were one of the more distinctive trams on the Sydney system, with their dual carriage (ie. the above model is one tram, not two) "toast rack" design, and ran for approx. 50 years, with significant service on the North Sydney lines. 529-530 were one of the last sets in service, on my local line down to Neutral Bay wharf. Their longevity was due to their possessing track brakes enabling them to safely negotiate the steep (ruling grade 1 in 12) grades on this line. This set is now preserved at Loftus Tramsway Museum.

Model is scratchbuilt from wood, styrene and wire, with one unit (the Non-Smoking car) being modelled with doors closed, therein concealing a Steam Era Black Beetle. Colours are very authentic Sydney Tramways green and gold having been sourced from actual Loftus paint appropriately thinned down.